Marseille – Alain Goetschy studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Lyon (graduated in 1978), and then Art History in Strasbourg. For several

years he worked as a fishmonger at La Criée in Marseille, before working in public art, concentrating on the life of the city and its inhabitants.

He is the co-founder of several associations, including Artifices Plasticiens Associés, Latinissimo and La Fiesta Des Suds.

He is the founder and director of the artistic enterprise ‘Territoire – ferronnerie, design, art monumental’.

The winner of several national competitions, around ten of his works are displayed in public places.

After an expressionist period, his work has translated a certain neutralisation from a vision for 20 years.

He voluntarily declines the offer of ‘faire-voir’ to place the audience in front of the impossibility of seeing what it presents or represents, putting it out of sight.

Discretion, or the art of disappearing.

*Prix de la jeune peinture, Musée de Toulon, Head of exhibition: Marie Claude Baud.

*Medalled by the town of Montpellier.

*1st place nationally given by RSE.

*1st place Grand Sud de l’entreprise, le Moniteur.

*Patron of Sud since 2014.










Midnight Circle : Michel Field, Alain Goetschy, William Alsop (architect), Bernard Blistène (Director of the Musée National d’Art Moderne).


  • Antenne 2 / FR3 National / M6 / TMC / Urbanisme / Télérama / La lettre de la Dive / Technique et architecture …


2016 / 2018

– Exhibition: Gallery 200RD10 Contemporary Art October 2018 « pratiques du paysage »

  • Studio works: studies on waves

  • “Square of calm sea” – installation project on the peak of the Great Meteor, Atlantic Ocean

  • Study on the dynamic of waves, project for the geographic centre and barycentre of the Mediterranean sea

  • Large format studio drawings and pastels



-Establishment of a new studio in the Cap 15, regrouping several artists in Marseille, Provence

-Exhibition: Open Day Cap15.



-Distance oneself from the race in favour of walking

-Handover of the artistic enterprise ‘Territoire’.


2006 / 2013

-Design for La Villa Méditerranée Marseille J4 (4000 m2 building) – project manager : Région Sud-Provence.

-Studio works, research for ‘Square of Calm Sea’, design. « Carré de mer calme », design.



-Study in signage and street furniture for the Arbois Europôle.



-Studio break-in, many works (drawings, paintings, pastels) were stolen

-Studies for the Villa Méditerranée.



-Design of the exhibition for the prefiguration of the CRM. Dock de Marseille

-Studies for the Villa Méditeranée.



-Laureate of the ‘concours du CRM’ (Mediterranean Research Centre, the Villa) – Stephano Boeri, Ivan Dipol, Alain Goetschy, Jean-Pierre Manfredi, Philippe Coeur.


2003 / 2005

-President of the Union of rehiring firms PACA.



-Study and production, furniture and social headquarters design (collaboration with DiPol, architect) AREA (Regional Agency for Equipment and Layout

– local public layout society – PACA region)

-Study and production of the backdrop of the amphitheatre at Vaison-la-Romaine, project manager – DRAC

-Study and production of monumental light wells, archaeological site at Glanum, project manager – DRAC

-Studio works – pastels



-Study of signage in the autonomous port of Marseille

-Urban layout competition Place de la Major, collaboration with Manfredi, Vacherot, Vexlard, project manager – Euroméditeranée.


2002 / 2003 

-Laureate of the urban layout competition of the Place des Pistoles (Vieille Charité), collaboration with P. Barrisain, architect, project manager – Town of Marseille.



-Place de la Joliette competition, project manager : EuroMéditerranée, collaboration with Jean-Pierre Manfredi, Architect.



1% Artistic-Bronze and stainless steel – Les Pèlerins, dimensions: 20m x 10m x 8m, Mont Saint Michel, project manager: Normandy region.


1999 / 2013

-Creation and running of an artistic enterprise: metalwork and design – furniture, monumental sculptures, historic monument ironwork, 40 employees.



-Autonomous port of Marseille

-Conference table of the Administration Council.



-Winner of the competition of the layout of the gardens of the Hôtel du Département – Square, formal gardens, urban furniture, fountain (collaboration with Manfredi), project manager: Conseil Général des Bouches-du-Rhône

-Studies and production of kiosks for the Paris metro, project manager: RATP

-Study and production of kiosks for the towns of Aix-en-Provence, Marseille and Paris

-Creation of an artistic enterprise for design, furniture, monumental sculptures, ironwork – TERRITOIRE

-Co-running of the Fiesta des Suds

-Wall art la Major Marseille, 250 m2, project manager: OPAC.

-Travel, 4-month study with the Indians of Matto Grosso, help of the FUNAI

-Co-running of the Fiesta des Suds.

-Co-running and design of the Fiesta des Suds

-Urban furniture line, kiosks, Marseille

-Markers, ANPE

-Signage of the urban centre of Merlan, Marseille

-Exhibition signage and furniture, Mission Picard

-Public service improvement, Administration of the Bouches-du-Rhône.



-Co-running and design for the Fiesta des Suds

-Wall art, 250m2, project manager: OPAC.



-Founding of societies Latinissimo and La Fiesta des Suds, with Bernard Aubert, Florence Chastagnier, Catherine Vestieu

-Fleeting and clandestine installations: Drop Shadow on the Sky – Martigues, Provence

-Travels to South America and the Caribbean.



-Study and production of benches for the Senate, steel and marble, Paris.



-1% Artistic : Sculpture “The Dawn of Time”, Vitrolles

Steel, bronze, mirror and plants – dimensions: 10m x 4m x 2m

Project manager: Conseil Générale des Bouches-du-Rhône.


1988 / 1990 

-1% Artistic: “Identity”, sculpture in engraved glass, Marseille Police Station

Project Manager: Roland Carta, architect

-Picasso exhibition, Arles, design and signage Médiathèque and Espace Van Gogh

Project manager: Town of Arles

-Research for “Square of calm sea anchored to the peak of the Great Meteor, Atlantic Ocean”.



-1% Artistic : “Homage to Hortense”

Sculpture in concrete, marble and bronze – dimensions: 60m2.

Collège de Fond d’Aurumy, Fuveau

Collaboration with J.M. Bourry

Project manager: Roland Carta, architect, Conseil Générale des Bouches-du-Rhône.

-Studio works: sculptures



-1% Artistic : Collège Lakanal, Archaeology of the modest farm, Aubagne

Dimensions: 100m2

Collaboration with J.M. Bourry

Project manager: Conseil Générale des Bouches-du-Rhône

-Studio works: sculptures.



-Winner of the Place de la Comédie, Montpellier, Competition

Collaboration with J.M. Bourry, George Guye, Alain Marguerite, Gilles Vexlard

Project manager: Town of Montpellier.


1983 / 1984

-Creation of a second studio in the year of the Atelier de Lorette, with other artistis: Autard, Melgrani, Klemensievicz, Bartolani, Fabre, Mezzapelle

-Prix de la jeune peinture, Musée de Toulon, Head of the Exhibition : Marie Claude Baud.




-Founding of the ‘Artifices Plasticiens Associés’ society, with the sculptors Georges Guye and Jean Marc Bourry

Close to the Mal Assis cooperative, Artifices Plasticiens Associés takes a position on the artist and their role in society. They will

present their studies to the president, François Mitérrand. This collective, commissioned by the Pesce-Dubedout mission, established in the ‘quartiers nords’ of Marseille, created works in urban spaces.

Open-day around Richard Bacquier’s work: “L’aventure”.

-Establishment of a studio in the Pennes-Mirabeau, Provence, with sculptor J.M. Bourry

-Sculpture in the Bastide Blanche commercial centre, Vitrolles

Resin and metal, dimensions: 4m x 4m x 8m, co-creation with Georges Guye

Project manager: EPAREB (Etablissement Public des Rives de l’Etand de Berre)

-1% Artistic : bas-relief, enamelled lava

Project manager: Marseille metro

-Studio works: sculpture.



-Wall Art, La Réale – homage to Puget

Dimensions: 1000m2

Co-creation with J.M. Bourry and Piotr Klemensievicz

Project manager: Town of Marseille

-Studio works: drawings.



-Graduated from the Beaux-Arts in Lyon

-Personal exhibition : Galerie des Maîtres Contemporains, Aix-en-Provence

-Installation of large scale paintings, Lyon Satolas Airport