Alain Goetschy – Artiste plasticien – Région de Marseille

Alain Goetschy Alain Goetschy – Les Mentions Légales

@ Alain Goetschy – 2018

Alain Goetschy studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Lyon (graduated in 1978), then art history at the Faculty of Strasbourg. He worked for several years as a fishmonger at the auction of Marseille, before working in public art, focusing on the life of the city and its inhabitants. He is the co-founder of several associations, including Artifices Plasticiens Associés, Latinissimo, La Fiesta Des Sud. Founder and director of the « artist company »: Territory – ironwork, design, monumental art. Winner of several national competitions, a dozen of his works are present in the public space. After an expressionist period, his work has translated for 20 years a neutralization of the vision. He voluntarily declines the offer to « show » to place the viewer in front of the impossibility of seeing what he presents or represents, the setting off of the eye. Discretion, or the art of disappearing.